Friday, January 12, 2007

Bogger Upgrade: I'm so nervous. Is it painless? Is there any risk?

Move your account to use the new Blogger
This is scary. The data on my blogs can't go away. What's the risk?


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you about risk. But I didn't lose any data; the functionality was very similar; and the most striking difference was the decline in publishing waiting time ... which I think for you, Mark, would have to be a MASSIVE savings.

Dave Copeland said...

It's fairly painless and I haven;t heard about anyone losing data. The new features are nice but I can't use all of them because I host on my own domain. My favorites are being able to tag posts -- which has led to an increase in search engine traffic for some odd reason -- and photo uploading. It's still the same process but it's quicker and easier to get your photos positioned where you want them.

Of course it's being a bear as I try to leave this comment...