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Pointer for my friends that can write. Give it a whirl.
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Are you an unpublished author looking to get your fabulous work of fiction in bookstores near you? Well, put away your query letters and fear of rejection and enter The First Chapters Writing ...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark:

I'm originally from PA, and grew up in the Allegheny Mountain region. I've been writing for years now, and have three novels complete. I decided on a whim to enter one of my books, an older one in the contest. I think it's a great way to get some exposure, and actually let the public decide what they would like to see published. Publishing decisions are made by a board, that is if a write can get an agent first to submit it to an editor. It's a tough business with a lot of rejections. The writer must keep keeping on to make it. This is the link to my submission, and I hope that you and your readers would take the time to vote and comment.