Monday, January 15, 2007

Steelers coach sure to trump the mayor

Cute comment, except the part about the coach making more money. I'm a coach. I don't make more money than the may. But, as a coach, I have much better rewards and job satisfaction.
Steelers coach sure to trump the mayor - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (T)here are more candidates for the Pittsburgh Steelers' head coaching vacancy than there are for the Pittsburgh mayoral opening.
Tom Murphy used to say that being mayor was the best job in the world. He was wrong, yet again. Ex-coach, Bill Cowher now joins the ranks of the few who have the best duties that life can deliver. That's the calling to be a parent.

When coaching and parent mix within the same realm, then being a candidate for mayor but just a pain in the ass and yet another deed and investment of effort for the sake of the next generation of Pittsburghers.

We had a great time at Pine Richland's swim meet this Saturday and Sunday. Erik and Grant are evolving into swimming athletes. Erik won today's 100 breast and was second in yesterday's 400 I.M. Grant scored in the 100 fly. I've got some video to share shortly.

Whizenhunt out as Steelers' Coach Running Mate and in at the helm of the NFL Cardinals.

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