Thursday, January 11, 2007

YouTube rivals look for answers | CNET

This is a major breakthrough. Major. The article is important. But look at the visual map on the left side of the screen.
YouTube rivals look for answers | CNET For months, analysts have predicted a shakeout in the much-hyped video-sharing sector, a business made famous by YouTube.

It increasingly looks like they were right.

Revver, a Los Angeles video-sharing company noted for being among the first to share advertising revenue with videographers, announced last month that two of the company's three co-founders and an undisclosed number of 'support staff' were no longer with the company. Among those who left were Rob Maigret, Revver's chief technology officer, and David Tenzer, the head of media partnerships.
That is a poorly designed concept map. That's the wave of the future. That's what I was working on about 8 years ago.

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