Thursday, March 22, 2007

2 Political Junkies: Oh Puhleeze!

Maria, a neighbor, and one who isn't always in my corner, gets on a roll with a rant about the P-G. She gives blistering observations.
2 Political Junkies: Oh Puhleeze! Our City needs a tough, independent paper that asks the hard questions from day one and not one that only decides to pile on when everyone else decides it's OK to do so. Just maybe that 'cowardice and failed responsibility' that you speak of is your own staring you back in the mirror.
The news analysis piece the was published today came from a guy that I talked to on the phone this week. He knows I'm in the race. He doesn't write it.

But furthermore, his 'analysis' is exactly what I've been saying for months. I feel that a renewed Peduto challenge comes in 2009.

But there are other wrinkles. I dare not toss insults about being clever and calculating. When it is a hardship to 'think again' -- we've got serious problems. When being smart as a leader is a 'turn off' -- we've got global problems.

"The mind leads, the body follows."

Duty is a good thing to mention in all posts about the Post-Gazette. I love that theme.

Do you think the P-G has a duty to list all the candidates who are running for office, or just the ones that they want to list?

New point: The city's "give a chance attitude" isn't so "unfathomable." Bob O'Connor got in line. Bob got a chance. It was Bob's turn when he won.

Thanks for lashing out at the P-G's complicity.

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