Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still pushing for running mates

It is my intention to stand for six offices for the general election in 2007 as a Libertarian. These roles include:
  • Allegheny County Executive

  • Allegheny County Council, Member at-large

  • Allegheny County Council, Member, district 13

  • Mayor (Pittsburgh)

  • Controller (Pittsburgh)

  • City Council, district 3

Part of the process is to get onto the ballot. I can be a 'place holder' for others. Then our political body can switch candidates. So, in the end, I might run in six races. Or, I might run for one office and have five others join me as candidates.

Furthermore, other running mates have arrived and are candidates as well. Folks, we are going going to work together. Some are going to run for city council, Allegheny County Treasurer and Allegheny County Controller. More are in the wings. Possible running mates are making decisions about other offices too.

This is the last week for my push to find other RUNNING MATES. If I can run for six offices, perhaps you or someone you know can run for ONE.

Who do you know that would like to run for office in November. Well, I really mean run or STAND for office. Most the the election is presently filled with incumbents and Libertarians. And, we've got a long way to go just to get onto the ballot. But before those worries begin in earnest, how about we network to find a few more candidates so all the races have options presented to the voters come NOVEMBER.

If you know anyone, call or email me. I'll follow up.

I've got a CD that I've been passing to others with some nice messages and music. Other resources on my end are being shared with 'running mates.' This year's theme song is great: Come With Me. Hear it on the web or on the CD.

Click to Play
Joe Jencks sings the title track for for 2007.
District Attorney, Sheriff, and lots of municipal offices are wide open and in need of running mates. Feel free to forward this call to others.

412 298 3432 = cell

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