Sunday, March 25, 2007

Creativity Exchange: Below the Belt Journalism

Hold the phone. Richard Florida on Bill Peduto and the "below the belt" knock by the P-G.
The Creativity Exchange: Below the Belt Journalism But I can't let the recent editorial hit-job by the Post-Gazette on Councilman Bill Peduto's decision to leave the race for mayor slide.
Is being a real force for change and being a truly good man one in the same?

The voice of Richard Florida is the voice of a guy who choose to flee.

Bill Peduto didn't give up his calling and his dream in pulling out of the race in 2007. He still has his job. He is still into politics. He still is keeping his campaign office open. He didn't go back to teaching kids how to read or giving care of the sick. Those devotions are still on the back burner with Peduto. He did go back to hockey, so he hinted. Go Pens Go!

The political establishment wasn't all over Peduto to get out of the race. Those facts are out and won't change. The political establishment was shocked by Peduto's quitting.

I'm glad Professor Florida took a stance. I'm glad he poked his blogging finger at the P-G for its poor actions and logic. But hit em square when you swing, without the huffing and puffing.
For the Post-Gazette to attack this ultimately personal decision using the words and tone it does is just unconscionable. It is a case of squelching of the highest magnitude - a nasty, negative, despicable journalistic mugging. The paper's leadership and editorial board should be ashamed of themselves.
I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a "sorry statement" from the P-G. But better than asking for the editors of the PG to be "sorry" -- how about a statement from the editors of the P-G that "it won't happen again."

Seeing the a statement from the P-G change its ways would be worth the anguish of Peduto falling of the sword last week.

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