Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our misguided mayor is not a fluke. We've got a real problem, Dimiti.

Dimitri V of the Pgh Tribune Review, a four-day host of a KDKA Radio show, asked callers to vote for either "Mayor Luke - or - Mayor Fluke."

I called in. After a few words I was clicked off the air.

Our misguided mayor is for real. We have real problems in the mayor's office. Those are not to be taken lightly.

This is Mark Rauterkus. You don't beat the mayor by offering insults and name calling. You beat him by offering real alternatives.

... click ...

Dimiti said he didn't realize he was making an insult.

This way my email to Dimiti,, at 8:55 am today, sent before he went on the air:

Hi Dimitri,

As vice chair of the Allegheny County Party -- and one who is working hard to get candidate recruitment and voter education for ballot access for myself and other candidates, I'd love to get on the show.

Dan Onorato is without any opposition from other parties. He is trying to toss off the other D who put in papers to run against Dan in the primary. Other than me, L.

Luke Ravenstahl is without any opposition within and beyond his party. Other than me, L.

County Controller -- no opposition, other than a L. (I recruited.)

County Treasurer -- no opposition, other than a L. (I recruited)

The list goes on.

The municipal elections are another big can of worms too. Plus, Sharpsburg, Upper St. Clair -- and everywhere gets to elect school board members and boro folks. We need to get the movement to the 3rd party, and Libertarian, option.

It takes 10 signatures to get onto the ballot as a Libertarian in Sharpsburg as a boro council member.

I'd be able to help callers, either on the air or after the show -- do research for their areas.

And, I've got to get onto the ballot with thousands of signatures of voters in Allegheny County. A guy had his signature tossed off the nomination petition by the judge because he didn't use his middle initial when he signed his name.

Many ABSURD rules are killing democracy by thousands of paper cuts.

I can't get the election department to get me a PDF of the nomination papers. I'm going to take them to court next week if this isn't resolved.
Dimitri is a Libertarian. He is free to do what he wants. But, as a Libertarian, I would wish he'd have a much different approach.

I have respect for the man, Luke Ravenstahl, and office, Mayor of Pittsburgh. But, I have no confidence in his "direction." His policies are lacking. They'll lead the city to further ruin. Luke is the mayor and there are real problems on Grant Street.

The fluke comes in the thinking that a negative campaign that is riddled with name calling is going to help at all. Bill Peduto stated as much. Dimiti seemed saddened that Peduto pulled out of the race.

Once real libertarian alternatives are presented, then hope will arrive.

Dimiti offered three hours of air time to Luke Ravenstahl OR his SPOKESPERSON for the show on Thursday. Three HOURS. And, the offer was extended 'on the air.' Furthermore, Dimiti is okay to only speak to a spokesperson, not the mayor.

Nobody from the administration, including Luke, is going to go on the show with Dimitri. No way.

If I was on the show for three hours, and if the Tribune Review had a different policy about covering the whole story so as to be sure to include the perspectives of local Libertarians and local opposition candidates, then we'd have a winning approach.

If I was on the show for three hours this week, and if the Trib printed, covered and interacted about our news, letters, positions and solutions -- then thw mayor would have reason to be on the air and be accountable to the voters.

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