Monday, March 26, 2007

Senior Suspended Over Keychain Tool - Penn Hills Senior Suspended Over Keychain Tool
Be careful. But, ZERO TOLERANCE Programs are not just. It is hard to have the mom give a statement that makes any sense. She is in the mix.

I'm not in favor of these no-tolerance programs. You can't make the rule book as smart as the players. You need rational, reasonable, common-sense leaders who can look at the whole picture.

This is a good reason to have charter schools.

Should the kid pull out of school and opt to attend the charter school, the district would need to pay a few thousand dollars out of its budget. Meanwhile, the district might need to pay attorney charges to protect its no-thinking no-tolerance rules. Money isn't going to education.

Scroll down and learn about how the terrorist list is growing. Put this kid's name there too. Then he won't be able to take a commercial flight as well. Nor will he be hired to be a coach or bus driver when he's 50.

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