Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday takes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Ugh.

Tuesday takes - Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewSad state: One of the wags with whom we regularly converse says Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has 'demonstrated a shocking lack of character and judgment,' that retreating challenger Bill Peduto 'has the backbone of a jellyfish' and that the city Republican Party can't find anyone to even 'mount a perfunctory challenge.' His conclusion: 'How pathetic.' That about covers it.

Something's missing: A slick Port Authority update on its North Shore Connector construction touts what a 'good investment' extending light rail to the near North Side will be. And it talks of all the millions of dollars worth of wonderful 'economic impact' that this government boondoggle will provide. Odd, however, that nowhere does it mention the cost -- at least $435 million. Which is a 100 percent waste.
Not so fast TRIB. Let's connect the dots.

It is SAD that the opposition in the City and County GOP realm is so hopeless. They can't field candidates many candidates in 2007. But this cycle they are smart enough to NOT field them when the shouldn't.

But the last words in the Trib in the first story are: "That about covers it." WRONG. The rest of the story is not yet being told in the Trib. The Libertarians are pushing to become a much stronger voice in 2007 for opposition. Libertarians have a slate of candidates. Libertarians have a suite of principles. Libertarians have mastered objections and rely upon reason in the solutions offered.

Jump to the last story: SOMETHING IS MISSING. The rest of the story is missing.

Furthermore, I've been one of the most vocal against the North Shore Connector for years. Extending light rail to the North Side, as they are doing it, is stupid. So, when it comes to a key transportation issue, I'm on the side of the Trib. But, the Trib is blind to the missing link. Something is missing. Real journalism that covers the whole story is missing at the Trib, still.

I'd love to see the Trib 'grow up' and help our city and region. The Trib has an important role to play, on a daily basis. Work with the community for goodness sakes.

SYNERGY waits.

Karma is like the string that
holds the pearls together.
Pittsburgh Tribune Review is without good karma. Its pages are missing something. We need to endure sustained discussions so we can string together stories that provide value.
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