Sunday, March 25, 2007

Peduto bails - Trib says that's more than sad

Peduto bails - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review And unless someone files as an independent candidate for the November general election, untested Luke Ravenstahl will be elected in his own right, unchallenged.

That's more than sad.
It would be more than sad if Luke runs unchallenged. It is WAY MORE than sad to tell the reporters at the TRIB that I'm running so that Luke does not run unchallenged and have them do nothing.

I've gotten ink at the Trib for fighting on fatherhood issues, for fighting to reopen the closed indoor ice rink. And, that story is fresh again last week. And for Pitt / Oakland issues.

I've had a Trib photographer follow me on a Steelers Game Day when they played at Three Rivers Stadium -- but nothing ran in the paper.

When I die, the Trib is going to have enough information in its files to publish a special edition of the newspaper. They covered my life in political efforts but choose to print little of it. The Trib seems dedicated to the decline of the region. The Trib Editors score A+ and making frustrations, and that is 'more than sad.'

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