Friday, March 30, 2007

Insights to a campaign for US President via Congressmen's Ron Paul's campaign

I've been asking locals to switch out of the Republican and Democratic parties to support effort as a Libertarian. Here is another call going the other way, but for 2008.
First and foremost, the goals that we hope to accomplish are:

1. Bringing the message that liberty can be reestablished in American only by respecting the rule of law, the U. S. Constitution.

2. Saving America from bankruptcy, world war and a continued fascist regime by getting Ron Paul elected President.

What you can do:

1. Republicans need to get involved in the party. Become voting delegates at your precinct, county and state conventions. Support Ron Paul at all these events. Ask them to invite Ron Paul to speak at their state conventions! (1-800-RON-PAUL)

2. Republicans need to call the county chairs, executive committee and state chairmen of your individual state. Ask that they support and endorse Ron Paul. Tell them that it is imperative at this time in history that we have someone who in incorruptible and a true conservative because this country is going bankrupt – financially and morally.

3. Those of you, who are not Republicans, hold your nose and take the plunge as Ron Paul is running in the Republican primary and believe it or not, most grassroots Republicans believe in limited government and want someone to believe in Ron Paul is that Republican.

4. Write letters to the editors of newspapers about supporting Ron Paul for President.

5. Continue to hammer talk show blogs and email commentary promoting Ron Paul for President. (you have done a great job at this). Ask them to invite Ron Paul onto their station. Tell them to call 1-800-RON-PAUL. Promote him and the issues of liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

6. Ron Paul has to win Republican primaries before he can get to the next step – the general election, so we need you to work in Republican circles to get that done.

Thanks so much. You don't know how much we love you as supporters. If it weren't for you holding back the tide of big government by supporting Ron Paul in all of his endeavors, we would have little hope for freedom.

So, because of you, there is Hope for America!

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