Monday, March 26, 2007

Mayor Luke walked the South Side on Friday night

A while ago, Luke spoke to a group of citizens at the South Side Market House. He told them he'd come tothe neighborhood in the 'wee hours' and walk the streets to get a feel for the streets and lack of respect a number of drunks can exhibit.

He gave a date and then broke the date. He wanted the visit to be a 'surprise.' Well, the visit came last Friday night.

My family and I were in bunked down in Grove City as a prep for the all-day Saturday swim meet. Sadly, I missed the mayor and the stations of the cross, bar crawl inspectors, citizen watchdogs, whatever.

I heard that there were more than a dozen in the 'party.' They bumped into a few boys and girls M-F-ing on East Carson Street. But, all-in-all, with the rain earlier, the Pitt game the night before and hangovers still putting a hurt on some -- the night was without a big meltdown.

When the skipper returns from fleet duty, we'll need to tell him to NUKE the ticking clock on that promise. It has been check off the list.

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