Monday, March 26, 2007 becomes THE high-profile race(S) for city & county

Ink in today's P-G.

Others can emerge, for sure!
Peduto's exit leaves no high-profile races for city, county offices South Side swim coach Mark Rauterkus has said he's running for mayor, and five other offices, as a Libertarian, and others could emerge.
Then there is this double talking from Dan Onorato:
"Maybe the city's in a position to look for some security and let things settle down a bit," said Mr. Onorato. "We don't have elections to distract us."
I find NO SECURITY in giving politicians in Pittsburgh a FREE PASS. Conditions in Pittsburgh have settled down, down, down. Pittsburgh has been in a death spiral for a long time, since before Onorato was elected to city council.

Elections are not a distraction. Accountability is more than an annoyance.

The king, the king's men and the king's horses are NOT able to put Pittsburgh together again, even with the aid of the Overlords (ICA, Act 47). Of interest in the P-G today, in another front page article, is the status of Act 47 salvation.

Act 47 doesn't assure city's financial health, report saysAct 47 doesn't assure city's financial health, report says. Act 47, the state law that offers a lifeline to Pennsylvania's financially distressed cities, is merely 'triage' for a gravely ill Pittsburgh.
Told ya. Who wants to talk lifelines? I do.

The real lifeline comes in an end run around the status quo politicians. They've been running to Harrisburg. That isn't going to work. In the end, we need a shift in thinking. We need to be self reliant. We need to fix our own woes. We need to get our house in order. We need to set our own priorities and take care of ourselves.

We need viable lifeline to our kids and to our seniors. We can't use the lifeline to our crumbled, hopeless city that is at beggers status. We need self determination. We need to be responsible right here and right away.

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