Friday, March 23, 2007

Bike Pittsburgh's BikeFest. Can I present?

Bike Pittsburgh � BikeFest BikeFest is Bike Pittsburgh’s annual celebration of two wheeled madness, showcasing Pittsburgh in all of its uniqueness and beauty.
I'd love to present at this year's bike fest. Topic: Bike Experiences in Chengdu, China, and Christchurch, New Zealand from Mark Rauterkus.

The presentation would be a multi-media slide show with a take-home CD ROM of all the images and more. I'm releasing my images into the public domain.

Furthermore, a chapter of the presentation would be a series of suggestions of ways that the bike landcape in Pittsburgh could be enhanced, based upon what I've seen and my vision.

I've biked across Texas, been a race director at triathlons, enjoyed The Dam Ride and Pedal Pittsburgh, plus I want to advocate for bike efforts in our region.
china - my bike
The link above is but a tip of what I'd share with the participants. Furthermore, with your help, I'd be happy to make the CDs or DVDs avilable for all participants in the program, beyond who might attend my session. I could make it available for about $.40 each. Perhaps you'd be able to invest $300 or so on this project.

We are going to be in Christchurch from April 30 to June 12 or so. At the time of the expo, I'll be in town. But, I coach swimming every morning, except the weekend.

I'd be available at night. It might be something we could do in a classroom or even at an outdoor theater / screen.

I'd be available to do it multiple times as well.

Let me know.

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