Thursday, March 29, 2007

Onorato blasts judiciary. Onorato is ZERO for TWO and the third is on deck for Friday.

Dan Onorato is blasting the judiciary. He struck out twice in the last two days. Well, his third at bat comes tomorrow, before the judge. His lawyers are bringing the challenge to the bench to knock Rich Swartz off the ballot.
Onorato blasts judiciary - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
This reminds me of Ben Howland, UCLA coach, saying that the deck was stacked against his team after the NCAA picked the brackets for the March Madness. Oh well, it worked out for the Bruins.

Dan's real problem with property tax assessment isn't because of anything that they are doing in Beaver County, Westmorland County nor Butler County. Dan's problems are in Allegheny County.

Dan doesn't have the magic to turn the clock back to 2002. And he tried. And, he thought that his turn-the-clock-back solution was viable.

Dan is also crying the blues because the voters will choose who is going to be the sheriff, not him.

Dan Onorato is not good for democracy.

Dan Onorato is not good for a modern Allegheny County. Dan, you can't turn back the clock. Time has its ways. Once you're bald, even your hair won't grow back.

Dan says "home rule" is about voters controlling their own destiny. Duhh. Voters are going to control the destiny -- by electing a sheriff every four years.

Talk about frustration.

Dan won't win in the challenge and Dan won't win in the removal of the challenge either. His lawyers, when they see that the challenge is not going to stick are going to back away.


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is too screwed up one reason being the filthy, dumpy apartments all over the city. The only decent new apartments are public housing. Who da heck would move back to Pittsburgh to live in some dump?

For God'd sake build some new decents apartments in the east end that aren't public housing before Pittsburgh becomes a total basket case.

David in Seattle.

Mark Rauterkus said...

David, you are 100% correct.

The theme that you raise goes to the plan I put forth for the building of a Pens Village (Pgh Penguins).

Think Olympic Village, and its town square is the new Pens Arena. Car-free (sorta), new, modern, and with a neighborhood from students, kids, families, and seniors. It would would answer your concerns.