Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thanks to City Council President for the hat tip at another blog

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Doug Shields, President of Pittsburgh City Council was reported to have said, yesterday:
2 Political Junkies 'You do these things, you learn.' He said. 'I tip my hat to anyone who gets into a mayoral race.'
Thanks Doug.

Not that the glowing words are behind us, let's get to the meat of the matter. Shields said that there wasn't a dragon to slay.

So, Peduto is out because he isn't quixotic. That's twisted logic.

I've been called idealistic and quixotic. I'm one to try to slay dragons with recycled electrons. I'm fine with the struggle to out-think and out-flank the evils that lurk in our political environment.

Of course Peduto's withdrawal yesterday will serve him well for a better run in the future.
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But, I beg to differ with Shields on the concept that the city went down the drain in 2003. The sky was falling in 1999, in 2000, in 2001. We knew it. We talked about it. They might have been ignorant. But, the city was taking a big fall

Fan (above, click to see larger image of any image here) shows both dragon and phoenix. Same characters are on the tapestry below. They are telling characters. Bill Peduto will 'rise again.' Furthermore, the dragon to slay is in my sights.

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