Friday, March 23, 2007

PAT's mess. First things first. We need RETENTION VOTES for all authority board members

PAT announced its cuts.

We need all authority board members to be more accountable. Honz Man on KDKA Radio is calling for elections for its board members. I agree to a point. We want accountability. We want democracy.

But, we don't need to hold elections for the board members. We could however use RETENTION ELECTIONS for board members.

With the retention vote, the boards could be filled with appointed volunteers. The mayor and county executive could find the citizens who agree to serve on the board. They would get nominated to the board. However, the board members would have to be RETAINED with a 'yes' or 'no' vote by the citizens.

Elections are costly. They cost on many levels. Getting people to run for offices is nearly impossible too. To campaign for a board member spot would be crazy in the real world.

Who is going to print buttons, signs, and place ads that say -- "Vote for me. I want to be on the parking authority board."

Elections cost the community at many levels. The expense of campaigns is but one sink.

We would decide.

Board members would work to make a name for himself or herself. Otherwise, they'd go in and out based upon global community reactions. Board members would stand on their own acts. Activist groups could wage campaigns against board members, vote "NO" for so-and-so.

Furthermore, the retention elections for board members could be made to be more strict than a simple majority. To get retained on the bench, a judge needs only one more vote than those that want to get rid of the judge 'no.'

To keep the board seat at the first election, a 50% YES retention vote would be needed. Then to keep the seat after 2 years, a 65% YES retention vote would be required. To keep the seat after 4 years, a 75% YES retention vote would be needed. To keep the seat after 6 years, a 85% YES retention vote would be needed. To keep the seat after 8 and beyond, a 95% YES retention vote would be needed.

Vote needs can be more than majority rules.

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