Saturday, March 24, 2007

Peduto to keep options open come fall

Earth to Peduto. Come in Bill.

The blip Bill Peduto has put onto the radar screen concerning the November election is wonderful. People of Pittsburgh, as well as the media, need to be reminded from time to time that an election cycle includes both a primary and a general election. One is in the spring. The other in the fall. Both have a purpose and merits.

After Pittsburgh comes to understand that both the primary election and the general election are serious milestones, then we'll begin to thrive again. Thinking with less than half a brian isn't smart, desired nor inclusive. This attention to the reality of the overall situations is enjoyed.

However, the blip on the radar screen Peduto has cast has a weird trajectory when it comes to the mayor's race. So as to avoid any further hardship to supporters that remain, understand that an intersection with the 2007 general election between mayor and Bill Peduto is impossible. The candidate affidavit and ethics statement to be part of a political body includes a statement about NOT being part of a political party effort.

Really funny, however, is the concept put forth by Honz Man on his show at KDKA Radio. Peduto was on the air with Hon Man the day after quitting the race. Honz Man suggested that Peduto become a Republican and run for mayor. (sigh.)

The deadline to enter the R primary was the same deadline met by Peduto to enter the D primary, March 6, 2007. Deadlines have come and gone. Peduto can't be a Republican for the November 2007 general election for that simple time-warped reason. Plus, Peduto would not want to be a Republican for a zillion other reasons.

Luke Ravenstahl and his boss, Dan Onorato, would be much better suited at being Republican than Peduto.
Peduto to keep options open come fall Mr. Peduto, who effectively resolved the Democratic mayoral primary Tuesday with his surprising decision to abandon his candidacy, reiterated that he's made no decision on whether to pursue an independent candidacy in the fall.
If the top brass in Bill Peduto's machine want to open a spoof internet site and jump-start a run for dog catcher in the general election of 2007, let me know how I could volunteer as an associate webmaster.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

I guess you'll be the guy to challenge Bill in court when he runs as an independent?

We certainly need November to matter when it comes to the Mayor's race.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I told ya (and the world) that Bill Peduto won't do much in 2007 and he'd have to gear everything to 2009.

I told ya again that Bill can't run in 2007 as an Indie.

I told ya in 2000 and 2001 that the city was sure to go bankrupt.

I told ya that the PNC Park was not going to sell out nor be a ticket to success of the Pirates on the field.

I told ya that Mayor Murphy was going to close the rec centers and swim pools -- because he didn't allow us to put in computer labs there -- as volunteers and without cost to the city. He didn't want us with our foot in the door.

I told ya that Save Our Summer was a Hillman / Truehart JOKE on the city.

I told ya that the Pittsburgh Promise is but a broken promise.

I told ya that the Sabre Systems re-assessment plan was designed to under mine a sound, universal system that had no favorites so that it could be replaced with one that allows for more cronie prosperity.

Told ya Onorato would pick the wrong voting machines.

Told ya that they would not allow us to watch the election tabulation.

When it comes to what you should "guess" about in terms of what I've been out front on -- you should have more faith.