Thursday, March 29, 2007

Republicans -- dead in the water and Dimiti covered both sides of the issue

Dimiti spent 90 minutes of air tim on KDKA Radio talking to two Republican Party leaders, Bob Hillen and Bob Glancey. They reached a deal so the boss of the would not need to get smacked down by the judge. The court date was looming large.

I'm glad that a new love fest is starting in the Republican realm. For a few years now, the chairman of the Republican Party in the County didn't speak to the chir from the city.

In 2007, the local republicans are putting a few candidates on the ballot. There are some judge candidates. There are two )used to be three) running for Allegheny County Council At-Large. The guy with the office now has had enough. There is a guy for sheriff. Perhaps a few are running for office in the municipal races, but none in the city, except David Adams, who is going to mount a write-in campaign shortly for City Council District 9.

The killer of that entire spell of interivews and remarks was Dimiti who said at the end. "Well, there you have it. We covered both sides."

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