Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dave 4 Council -- no more right now - Candidate statement

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Candidate Statement

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It is with deep solace that I announce today that I will be fulfilling my commitment to both my family and to the many Pittsburgh District 1 Democratic Committee Members I have had the honor of meeting or speaking to over the past 12 weeks, and as such, I will not be seeking the Democratic Party Nomination in this May’s Primary.

From people & vips
Though this decision was hard to come to, it was ultimately made with the best interests of both my family & those who wish to see change in mind. The primary reason for this decision is so as to spend more time with my family. Though they have been very understanding & appreciative of the many supporters of my candidacy, my family has also suffered the most of my absence while campaigning over the over the past 5 months.

This decision, however, was also made after vast reflection and consultation with my supporters of the Democratic Party Endorsement results this past weekend. Though they surpassed our expectations and demonstrated an increase in support of my candidacy from 4% to 12%, the fact remains that 34 committee members whom did not support Ms Harris in September are still prepared to cautiously give her a 2nd chance to prove that she can change her imprudent spending ways. As such, we have concluded that it would be imprudent to add to the field of candidates running this May, and we will ‘back down’ (as we say in my industry) for now. Instead, we will consider a head-to-head run against her in November should she win in May, especially should she not heed voters warnings to change her aimless & reckless spending habits.

In closing, I would like to thank the Democratic Party for accepting me with open arms since becoming a naturalized citizen in December; the many Democratic Committee Members who either considered or actually endorsed my candidacy this passed weekend; and all the voters who have been supportive of my candidacy since last fall and who wish to see drastic change in the way City Council does business. Should our current council member continue to demonstrate a lack of good stewardship, voters will have one last opportunity to change course this November, and I am prepared to consider championing that cause at that time should they ask.

With deepest respects,

David I. Schuilenburg
Nice letter. Nice guy.

Folks, rule #1, don't burn out. Often they win by attrition. Keep plugging at your own pace. Be realistic. Take care of yourself and your home front first and foremost.

Challengers get to 'stand for office.' Make a stand. I don't want to run for office as in run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I don't want to spend $1-million to get a chance at a job that pays $90,000. Only a fool would do that and even try.

Be prudent. And, be happy with yourself.

Today I was slated to speak at the Allegheny County Council meeting. I got there, after swim practice, with my sons in tow. My youngest had fallen to sleep in the back seat of the car as we drove from the swim pool to Grant Street. My oldest was wearing shorts. I pulled the car up onto the curb so he could confirm at the county police that the meeting was still taking place.

Seems that the SEA's Mary C was on the hot seat for 90-minutes before a single bill had come to a vote. The meeting was dragging. It looked as if it would go two additional hours, as of 8 pm, so hinted the John, the county clerk. I was on the agenda and ready to speak. But my guys still had homework.

We watched as the council confirmed its first bill on the agenda, the No Sweatshop Bill. Well done Ken. Then we came home. About 40-minutes later, as we watched via the webcast eating dinner, my time to speak arrived. I was parked at home, speaking for MORE than 3-minutes, with my kids. Oh well.

I'm happy with my work ethic as a volunteer activist and a Libertarian party leader. Nonetheless, should I take an official role, I'll not skip out on meetings. My presence would be held to a different standard, of course.

I wanted to speak to council and go out of my way to give props to Vince G for recent suggestions. Some are considering the elimination of the Port Authority (PAT). I've called for the elimination of authorities in the past as well. I like some of the things I heard on council. When that happens, I cheer.

Dave Schuilenburg. Hope to see you around again soon. Thanks for the effort. Let's talk soon about the others in the race and this fall's general election.

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