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Early Returns - another saga in our political world known as city. As the world turns....

Early Returns - A Post-Gazette Journal Cops and campaigns
If one takes the long view, remember that there was a campaign that was about the EMS. Mayor Murphy pledged that the EMS contract would be made equal with that of the firefighters. That was a benchmark lie. But, it won him an election.

Then there is another famous lie that Murphy slurred to firefighters. Their t-shirts for O'Connor went to the rag heap and Murphy won his last election.

Now this is the time for the police and politicians to share the limelight.

Really, it might be just another play in the playbook used by Tom Murphy. This time, the QB is a rookie kicker.

In a game, or on a team, there are certain big-time players that need to get the call. The union employees who work for the city who can deliver a network of voters are important to a candidate. Tom Murphy has proven that fact. He went to that well and shouted his promises.

The promise and the delivery of the promise is NOT one in the same, of course.

Even at the meeting on the South Side on Wednesday night, Luke made a promise or two of interest along this theme. He went out on a limb and said that he is looking to split up Zone 3. The west end lost its police station. That was one of the final moves that Murphy made and it has stuck. Well, well, well, -- we've got a police centered promise, again. But it isn't really a promise. It comes from Luke Ravenstahl as a hint of a promise.

And this promise impacts citizens, activists and voters. It is a ploy. But, this is also one of the reasons that are MISSING from the EARLY RETURNS blog.

Police matters count for the politics, which is getting blogged about. And, the matters and management count too, because of the enforcement, the feelings of safety and the overall 'peace keeping presence.'

The issue of re-opening the west end police station and splitting zone three is a quagmire that politicians love. Luke is going to be in his glory here. He'll be able to double-talk, hint at, and wonder in public. But, no matter what half truth is said to an audience full of 'very concerned citizens' -- he'll still have his hands in cuffs by the OVERLORDS.

Neither Luke nor Bill can simply re-open a police station. Can't be done. They are just beggers.

Furthermore, when it comes down to putting assets into the neighborhoods or putting them into the pockets of rich downtown developers with tax breaks, there won't be enough left over to keep the streets in the neiborhoods as they should be.

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