Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Joe Weinroth goes for Judge -- not controller

The Trib is reporting that Joe Weinroth won't be a GOP candidate for mayor nor controller. He went to where his heart told him to go. He is running for the bench.

I was wrong in my posting that he'd go into the city's controller race. Munch, munch.
A herd of GOP elephans did not materialize
for the GOP Primary in 2007.
From texture - misc.
Joe and I spoke on the phone. I may need to munch on prior words again. Seems he was being realistic in his choice most of all. His heart may say Mayor and Controller, but the voters of the city present little hope of getting him elected to those posts. Joe is the lone Republican. But, most of the candidates cross-file.

Joe now has stepped away from his 'R party' roles with a leave of absence for his election as judge candidates need to be 'non-political.'

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