Thursday, March 15, 2007

Net the Truth Online: Clean up voter registration rolls

Dan Onorato is in charge. So, this will never happen.
Net the Truth Online: Clean up voter registration rolls With voter registration rolls going unchecked for accuracy year after year, even with the implementation of the Help America Act and its mandated database of registered voters across the country, it's surely a duty of opponents no matter which political party to review and scour nomination petitions and make challenges when warranted.

It's time for Pennsylvania to clean up its voter registration rolls of deceased, the voters who have moved out of the state, and or out of one county into another county, now.

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Anonymous said...

You should ask Dan why the county has a resolution that permits the inspection of Absentee Ballots but the Elections Dept is just allowed to pick and choose which rules they are allowed to follow.

Do you know how much absentee ballot fraud there is? Lots. It goes totally unchecked. Races have been won and lost due to absentee ballots.