Monday, March 12, 2007 urges Dell's CEO to respond to customer demand and bundle's free software alternative to Microsoft Office with

In an open letter released today, the community invites Michael Dell to work with them to pre-install 2 office software on Dell computers. Dell's own IdeaStorm website has recorded an overwhelming customer demand for this feature, currently showing more than 70,000 requests for 2.

The community is the home of the leading free software competitor to Microsoft's Office suite. The letter claims that 2 software and Dell hardware make a perfect match, sharing identical values of delivering high quality at unbeatable value. A joint development by Dell and raises the prospect of an " supplied by Dell" product, with finance from Dell helping to built security for the open-source community.

Text of the letter:

Michael S.Dell, Chairman and CEO
Dell Computer Corporation
One Dell Way
Round Rock, Texas 78682

Dear Michael

Dell Computer Corporation has become one of Fortune's “America’s Most Admired Companies” by providing great value, high quality computers and peripherals, but most of all, by listening to your customers. Your recent “IdeaStorm” initiative is the latest example of this. Here at, we were delighted to see that the second most requested feature by Dell customers was to have our office software pre-installed on Dell systems. This request attracted more than 25,000 votes in two

We believe that 2 software perfectly matches Dell’s values. 2 is high quality office software, the result of over twenty years’ continuous software engineering. It runs under all common operating systems. It offers everything users expect from office software, plus some bonus features that may pleasantly surprise them. It’s easy for customers to use, with a familiar look and feel, and can read and write a wide range of file formats, including Microsoft’s. On top of all this, being licenced under open-source terms, it represents outstanding value for money for you and your customers.

Let’s have a conversation about how we could build an “ supplied by Dell” product to give your customers what they are asking for. We’d also be happy to accept any financial contribution that Dell might offer to help ensure that continues to evolve in the future.


John McCreesh, Marketing Project Lead,

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