Friday, March 09, 2007

Parenting advice: The BABY's NAME

Marty, when we were expecting, we named the kid before it was born. Our unborn baby had a name as he/she had a personality, health, place in our lives -- even before being born.

Our first was called "Dirt."

Our second was called "Pip Squeek."

My parents, as well as my mother in law, were very worried that we would name our kid "Dirt." This was just what I wanted. Let them worry about something, other than what really mattered. Then, later, when the real name was picked -- it would be way better than 'Dirt' -- and they'd be thrilled.

I want the fusses to be contained in boxes that I control.

Furthermore, we had the opinion that we'd be able to see the baby -- and hold him/her (we didn't want to know the gender) -- and make sure that the name fit the new face.

Your first caller to the show was right on with the reservations. Keeping the name a 'secret' makes some sense. Or, do what we've done, -- release a really bad name as a spoof name.

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