Monday, March 05, 2007

Peduto on the Pens move

Heard Bill Peduto on KDKA Radio about the possible move of the Pens. He talked to Honz, just after the news broke.

Bill said that he stood by IOC all the way. So, he is a trusted figure to the Pens. He would be glad to enter the negotiations.

Then Bill talked that his Plan C is still a valid offer.

Bill mentioned Tom Murphy. Like Murphy or not, Tom Murphy was the guy to get the job done. Murphy built the two stadiums and convention center. Murphy didn't let the ohters in office do the heavy lifting. He means to present Luke as one who is in the back seat to Dan Onorato and Ed Rendell.

The worst thing that Bill said had to do with the Civic Arena being empty. He said that there won't be any developmet up on the Hill now if the Pens depart. Asked if he, Peduto, would pull out all stops to save the team, Bill said you have to. (Yes.)

The Pens play 40 dates at the Civic Arena.

I think that the whole thing is a mess. But, I don't think that there will be no development on the hill if the Pens leave. Don Barden's plan calls for a lot of development on the hill. So, Peduto is just out of touch on this one. Did he forget? Is he talking in the moment and out of despiration?

I think that the hill district can flourish after the Pens leave. The Pens should get off of the hill -- but land in another part of Allegheny County -- such as the airport.

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