Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Pittsburgh Comet shoots foot with a poor use of the Libertarian tag

The Pgh Comet is making another mistake. This one can't go past without me taking a public swat at it.

The posting on Speculation 2007 was very good up to this point. Then a nerve was hit.
The Pittsburgh Comet Real Answer: Peduto certainly seeks to fashion our Democratic party into a left-center coalition -- with a Libertarian streak, actually, on tax breaks and subsidies. The 'Libertarian Left' is totally in right now. If Peduto puts that together, that is potent stuff. But he still needs to add a couple of wagons to his wagon-train.
There is NO LIBERTARIAN STREAK within William Peduto. None. Zippo.

There is a lot of good within Bill Peduto. There are some nice ideas within his plans. But, those items don't have LIBERTARIAN roots. No way.

There is an expression I use from time to time. When you go WEST long enough, you end up in the EAST. But this doesn't apply to Peduto at this stage in the game.

I think Bill Peduto could mature into a Libertarian in another decade or two. But, he isn't there now.

Bill Peduto came from Dan Cohen's office. These guys hate the people in that they will work against referendums. They will always put trust into bigger government. They think that they, (in office, in government) know better.

The best case use of "Libertarian Streak" in association with Peduto would be, "Peduto takes office and Libertarians streak for New Hampshire to join the Free State Project." Perhaps Libertarians could shriek at Peduto's proposals if they choose to stand their ground and don't vote with their feet.

There is nothing Libertarian about Peduto's use of tax breaks and subsidies. That is big government, Republican. You could fix the posting by calling it a Roddey-like streak. Or, a Allegheny Conference-ish streak. Or, a URA-streak.

I agree that the "Libertarian-anything" is totally in right now. But, that isn't what Peudto puts on the table. Libertarians are hip. Libertarians are like the South Side. The South Side has pockets that are very Libertarian.

A Libertarian tax cut is universal. It is for everyone. It is for any kind of building. It is for every kind of use. It is driven by market place demands -- not some weenie in government who needs to see an artistic credit coupled with a re-use credit coupled with energy efficient red tape.

The REAL ANSWER of the LEFT LIBERTARIAN is a tax on the land. The simple, elegant, proven Libertarian solution -- or streak -- isn't part of Bill Peduto's pitch.

Peduto's plan and Ravenstahl's plan are very similar when contrasted with a real Libertarian plan. Those two have put forth Democratic Plan(s).

In no way, shape or form do I want Bill Peduto to be the one to carry the water for the Libertarian-streakers.

Your advice to Bill is with mixed feelings too: But he (PEDUTO) still needs to add a couple of wagons to his wagon-train. That's so Democratic and not Libertarian. For Peduto to get closer to the Libertarian wagon-train of policy points he isn't going to need to add. Rather, he'd need to subtract.

The Libertarian way is small, lean, nimble, simple. Think Johnny Appleseed as a Libertarian. That's not a wagon-train. Think Daniel Boone. Think Green Mountain Men.

In your post, to make your point, call it the "Gore-Roddey LEFT", not the "Libertarian Left."

As for "maverik Mike Dawida" -- Oh My Gosh. John McCain, at age 70, isn't a maverick any more. Dawida is ... well ... I won't even waste the time to type what I think and then need to defend it.

Think again about your descriptions. A couple of the concepts fail, much like a beam in the convention center. But, I did giggle at the nuts and bolts joke on the blog.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

A just government respects the rights of all people equally and grants special favor to none.

I find that the above quote quote is very Libertarian.

IMHO, Peduto is all about granting special favors.

Rights are universal. Rights apply to all. And, you don't need to ask to exercise your rights.