Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ravenstahl site drops photos - Ethics N@

It is a crying shame that all ethical matters need to be taken to Harrisburg's system, rather than the one in Pittsburgh. The one in Pittsburgh has not functioned in a decade. What about the Pittsburgh Ethics Board?

Bob O'Connor was getting that in gear, we were told. Then he died.

Luke and Bill made some squeaks about it a few weeks ago, but the follow-through has been absent.
Ravenstahl site drops photos - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Peduto criticized the mayor's use of the photos.

'I think it's a violation of state ethics. It's very clear that you cannot use government property for political purposes,' Peduto said.

A spokesman for the State Ethics Commission did not return a call seeking comment.
One of the worst ethical campaign act that dealt with 'photos' was the campaign commercial that was filmed by Tom Murphy in the Mayor's office for the benefit of Ed Rendell. Murphy used his office for a TV ad.

This ethical violation was called to everyone's attention. Even the MSM made a mention of it.

I went to city council and asked the members on council to stand with me and demand that the ad be taken off the air. None on council made a peep. They all like Rendell. They all like Mayor Murphy. They all had no need for doing what was right and ethical.

Even the TV stations didn't care. They ran the ad over our objections. The TV stations wanted to make the money, even if it was unethical content.

I think Bill Peduto was on city council at the time. Luke might have not have been on council yet, but I'm sure he was out of diapers by then.

Sure, this gives another chance to bash ex-Mayor Tom Murphy again. But his foolishness and his model have set the standard for the D party in Pittsburgh for many years.

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