Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Salary Freezes -- well -- that's NOT cuts. Service is getting an AX. Counter: How about service freezes rather than cuts.

Marty Griffin of KDKA Radio is getting hard to listen too.

Management gets HUGE money. Then it gets frozen. That's not a WIN. That is a HUGE SALARY that can't go away.

An important step in getting rid of expenses would be Cuts. James C. Roddey thinks Dan Onorato is doing the right thing now. He is an Onorato booster. Onorato makes the Republicans happy. They are all twisted.

PAT is going to ove out of the expensive, downtown rented space in the next DECADE. I'd have them packing now.

The huge salary payments for management are going to continue. Meanwhile, 400 others are getting fired. For the riders, bus routes are going to go away.

Asking what Roddey would do to fix PAT is a joke.

These "big cuts" are worth 10-percent of the deficit. They have $50-million to go. But, these folks just protected themselves.

The pension plan that started when Roddey was in office was when Dan Onorato was Allegheny County CONTROLLER. The Controller should have spoken up then.

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