Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Suspension for e-mail baffles Mt. Lebanon dad

Here comes another goofy story from the Blue Devils of Mt. Lebo. It centers upon parenting, email, a police raid on a party, under age drinking, some swear words, and honesty. Plus, it unfolded in Mt. Lebo, of all places.
Suspension for e-mail baffles Mt. Lebanon dad 'I am with the coaches in regard to Shane. If they feel his e-mail crossed the line, they are well within their right to suspend him, and I can live with that,' the father said. 'But, if you are going to suspend a kid for [sending] an e-mail to a coach, how in the world do you not suspend ... kids for going to a drinking party and one of them for getting arrested there?

'Even if it is just that they are suspended by not starting the game, or being suspended for a quarter or something. By not doing anything to the other kids, who I feel did something far worse, Joey David is a hypocrite.'

Ollie Phillips said David has asked Shane to sit on the bench, in uniform, at the game on Saturday even though he won't be allowed to participate.

'That will not happen,' the elder Phillips said. 'He'll sit there in a coat and tie and be supportive, but he will not be paraded out there in a uniform if he's not going to play. Joey David will not embarrass my son.'
I don't know the facts well enough to say what I would do if I was in this situation. At first glance, I'm sure that there is a 'teachable moment' woven in the saga. One of goals is to be, raise and coach "literate athletes." How to use email, and how to write for clarity and self-expression in important.

The dad's acts of supporting the coach concerning the punishment is fine. To wear a coat and tie or else a uniform is interesting.

Insights welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

Dad was on the radio show with Marty Griffin on Thursday.