Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back in the U.S., back in the U.S., Back in the U.S. of A.

We're home as of Saturday night, 11:30 pm.

Our ride from our house to the airport, Cheers Ravi, came at 12:45 pm. We left Christchurch on a 3 pm flight to Auckland. Then it was an 11-hour-five-minute flight to L.A. In L.A. we check the time, and it was 12:35 pm -- still ten minutes before our ride from Ravi was to arrive to pick us up at the airport. Weirdness.

Then we went to Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Saturday night the All-Blacks played a test match against Canada. I still have no clue who won or when. We were on the flight to L.A. by the time the haka would have been performed.

New Zealand All Blacks rugby team official website, New Zealand Rugby Football Union Rampant All Blacks forward power and superior attacking skills in the backs ran France ragged in a nine try feast to win by a record 61-10 in the second Iveco Test at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.
So, the All Blacks won, again, big. But, two big time players are now hurt.

We got some departure gifts from Ravi -- and I was hooked up with a flash All Blacks bottle opener / key chain. I looked at it and asked -- does it work in the northern hemisphere.

On the way out of Auckland on Quantus I enjoyed a "Ginger Beer." Quiz question. Does it or does it not include alcohol? What are the big brands for 'Ginger Beer?' -- as a bonus question.

On the flight home, we saw lots of movies. The on-air entertainment, Q, features a TV screen right in the seat back in front of you. A remote and you can listen to CDs, radio, news (feature wasn't working however), movies, encore movies, TV, UK TV, Australian TV, art flicks, flight-progress and even computer games. We all watched 'Wild Hogs' and a bunch of other stuff.

Next -- fighting jet lag and getting the other four bags from American Airlines. We had them all going through customs. But only one of five made it to Pittsburgh. The plane switch in Chicago was quick (50 minutes).

The new house construction looks great. Still a bit of work to do, but huge progress has been made.

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