Thursday, June 07, 2007

City, Heinz Field Battle Over Admin Fee For Police - City, Heinz Field Battle Over Admin Fee For Police"We don't feel that venues should be forced to pay this fee. We already pay a 5 percent amusement tax and that should be enough to cover any administrative services," Heinz Field Manager James Sacco said.
Here is a solution for the Steelers. Buy the stadium. Then we can talk about the 5% amusement tax.

Or, how about the Steelers benefits from the RAD tax are removed.

Whey in the world do people who buy a car, a computer, and a washing machine in Allegheny County have to pay increased sales tax -- 1% extra -- so it can go to the Steelers?

Seems as if the Steelers are NOT concerned with the wefare of their customers if they don't want to hire the police just to avcid the administrative fees.

Seems that the Steelers are not concerned with police corruption either.

The Steelers and the NFL, as well as the other sports teams and leagues, often hire their own goon squads to patrol for black-market sales of logo merchandise. Perhaps those security details should be hired throught the area around the stadium to police for ticket scalpers, illegal parking, trash makers and drunk drivers too.

The Pittsburgh Steelers organization runs the risk of now becoming the worlds biggest cry baby.

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