Thursday, June 07, 2007

Final practice with Andy and Martin. Good-byes in full force.

From NZ Wharenui pool

Coach Martin and Coach Andy are going to help lead a mini-swim camp for the regional swim program (Canterbury) on Friday and Saturday. So, we had our last workout with them tonight. Our series of saying good-bye to our new New Zealand friends is in full force.

The boys have one more swim practice, Friday night. I'll also coach on Saturday morning. It seems that the boys are going to play 9-holes of golf on Saturday morning with Hamish.

Saturday is going to be our travel day. A.M. swim practice (or golf). Then onto the plane at 3 pm in Christchurch. Land and leave Auckland at 5:30 pm. Then we fly to L.A. and land on Saturday around noon. I'll post the exact times later. The there is a flight to Chicago and another to Pittsburgh. We'll be home on Saturday night about 11:30 pm. All local times, of course.

I've got a lot of new resources on swimming, thanks in part to Arjun Haszard. I didn't realize all the history, but the swim club, Wharenui, had been the best in New Zealand for many years. Then in recent times, 1990s, a couple teams from Auckland have come on strong. Even when Arjun was swimming (he was a national champion in the 800 and 1500) Wharenui finished nationals in second place in the team standings.

At one Commonwealth Games competition, New Zealand got the gold, silver and bronze medals in the women's 400 I.M. All three swimmers were from Wharenui. That's an amazing feat. Amazing.

The swim resources and insights I'm now with are really exciting. Furthermore, we made a visit today to a kayak shop and are working up some plans for importing some gear as well.
From Paddle-kayak

From Grant

After our final violin class -- we played. We visited Laser Strike. We played a double game of laser tag. Grant and Erik love it. It was 37 minutes or so.

On our way to the swim pool, Grant's bike handle-bars became loose. He couldn't ride his bike. A bolt must have come undone and slipped. The bike isn't able to be used. Grant had to run the rest of the way to the pool. More running was after practice too. We have to get the bikes back to the rental outfit soon anyway.
From Grant

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