Sunday, June 03, 2007

Trib gets it wrong by printing Onorato is running unopposed in November

GOP mayoral candidate DeSantis unfazed by obstacles - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Party pride didn't deter another Democrat, county Chief Executive Dan Onorato, from pursuing Republican voters. Onorato, who will run unopposed in November, used an automated phone bank to woo Republicans. They rewarded him with 1,844 write-in votes, nearly triple the 623 netted by Matthew Drozd Jr., the son of County Councilman Matt Drozd.
Onorato has locked up the D party nomination and the R party nomination. Sure. But, Onorato, come November, will have opposition.

The media might like to say that Onorato will run unopposed, but that statement is at odds with the truth.

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Anonymous said...

As of the moment, it is correct. Unless he dies, Dan will be our ACE for the next four years.