Monday, August 13, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Tommy Thompson, R, from Wisconsin is out of the US Presidential race.
Romney: Win Not Hollow -- GOPUSA Historically, the straw poll has helped winnow the field of presidential candidates and former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, who ran sixth, dropped out of the race Sunday.
I got to meet Mr. Thompson. He spoke to a group of people at a Washington D.C. hotel located next to the White House. He gave a nice presentation.

He had been out of the cabinet for a week or two. He told the story about his first day back in the 'real world.' He got up in the morning and headed to work. Walked to the car and sat in the backseat. After a moment he realized he was alone. No driver.

Next he talked for two minutes about how hard it is to both find you way around town, be it DC or elsewhere, without a driver. And, how hard it is to find a parking space after you get to where you want to go.

Welcome to the real world Tommy boy!

We did talk about Tommy's brother, an elected official in a small town. He was 'mayor' and he is a Libertarian.

I'm not sure where he is now. And, I wonder what he had to say about Tommy's race for President contrasted to Ron Paul. Now that might be a good tidbit for the history books.

The T.T. for President website had this statement about the Iowa Straw Poll:
Tommy Thompson For President - Statement by Governor Thompson on Ames Straw Poll Participation To skip the straw poll is to show fear...fear that a campaign's lack of support will finally be revealed and fear the entire country will see that the king has no clothes.
Both Senator McCain and Mayor Giuliani skipped out of the Iowa Straw Poll.

Vote Tommy 2008

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