Monday, August 06, 2007

Early Returns leaks the call from the League of Women Voters to include all candidates

Teaser from Early Returns about debate inclusion.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Local News - Early Returns Yesterday Arlene Levy, vice president of voter services for the League, wrote to KDKA and Point Park officials noting the likely presence of Mr. Rauterkus and Mr. Scott on the ballot. 'Could we, also, extend an invitation to them to participate in our candidates forum?' she asked.

So far, neither major-party campaign is objecting to an inclusive debate, though Mr. DeSantis' reaction is a little cooler than Mr. Ravenstahl's. KDKA says it hasn't decided whom to include.

The conventional wisdom is that putting more candidates on the stage would benefit Mr. Ravenstahl, since it would reduce the amount of airtime Mr. DeSantis would get. Mr. Rauterkus, of course, argues otherwise. More in tomorrow's P-G.

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