Thursday, August 09, 2007

Libertarian candidates in Pennsylvania for 2007's general election

Candidates in 2007 from Pennsylvania:

D. Michael Blackie for Philadelphia City Council

James Babb for Council of Censors, Montgomery County

James Babb for Montgomery County Sheriff

Erik Viker for Selinsgrove Borough Council, Snyder County – ON BALLOT

Mik Robertson for Clarion County Commissioner – ON BALLOT

Berlie Etzel for Clarion County Register and Recorder – ON BALLOT

Myron Deitrick for Mayor of Avis Borough, Clinton County – ON BALLOT & incumbent

Vance Mays for Venango County Commissioner – ON BALLOT

Mary Lea Lucas for Strattenville Borough Council, Clarion County – ON BALLOT

Tony Oliva for Mayor of Pittsburgh – ON BALLOT

Mark Rauterkus for Controller, Pittsburgh, – ON BALLOT

Mark Rauterkus for Pittsburgh City Council, 3rd District – ON BALLOT

The Libertarians did have some candidates not get onto the ballot. These individuals either did not request assistance and/or did not respond to contacts. There were also a couple of late candidate inquiries. One late candidate effort was Chris Bectloff in Lancaster County. The PA Chair was not able to get an update, yet.

Tony Oliva in Pittsburgh worked with the Allegheny County organization. They responded incredibly well to support Tony when they became aware of his desire to be a candidate. The Libertarians throughout Pennsylvania need to find a way to consistently help candidates along and make sure they can submit the paperwork needed to get on the ballot. Local organizations are key to making this work.

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Anonymous said...

Allegheny County Committee

of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

Report prepared for 8/11/07 L.P.P. Board Meeting



Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Ritter’s Diner in Pittsburgh, PA.

Committee Highlights

We’ll have 3 spots on the ballot this Fall: Mark Rauterkus running for both City Controller and City Council, and Tony Oliva for Mayor. Mr. Oliva is a 27 year old military veteran, a Univ. of Pittsburgh graduate with a degree in Political Science, a City of Pittsburgh Public Safety employee, and highly motivated, having collected almost 700 signatures by himself in about 6 days. We look forward to an energetic campaign from him.

The Ron Paul 2008 campaign had a big rally here (about 15 miles north of Pittsburgh) the evening of Friday, August 3rd, at which I estimate approximately 1000 people attended, many of them coming from Ohio, and as far away as Philadelphia. The rally was organized mostly by a very active, local Ron Paul Meet-up group, led by Tom Kawczynski (whom I’d never encountered before), and assisted by many others, including our own Dave Powell, Dan Sullivan, and Henry Haller. Dr. Paul was in town for a family reunion and so OK’d the rally as a bonus, and many of his family members attended, including not only his wife, but two brothers who are ministers, one of whom said an opening prayer, and one a closing prayer. Many of our local libertarians were present, including local board members Dave Powell, Mark Rauterkus (both bringing one of their sons along – never too early to get them started in fighting for their freedom!), Henry Haller and myself, as well as local members Dan Sullivan, Ron Rosenberger, my brother Nick (Kyriazi), former chair Andy Corkan, Fred and Kathy Freshwater, and Chuck Gilch (soon to retire as a US Airways pilot, and who will then become politically active again – he organized the State LP convention here back in ~1999). It’s good to see so many formerly active libertarians getting energized once again.

Respectfully submitted, August 9th, 2007,

by Harold Kyriazi