Friday, August 03, 2007

Opposition Research

The parties rarely talk openly about opposition research, but times are changing, writes Roger Simon at the Politico. At a session at YearlyKos, the Democratic National Committee was "only too happy to pull back the curtain a little and tell these activists how they intended to help destroy the Republicans next year." The oppo centered on the big four Republican candidates -- Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Fred Thompson. The DNC'ers even gave a sneak-peek at the Democratic talking points for the GOP (Thompson: "He passed only five bills in the Senate while he was there and four were ceremonial. His non-campaign/campaign so far has been a 'train wreck'").
Wonder if there is any opposition research for Dr. Ron Paul?

I agree, it will be easy for the Dems to trip up Rudy, Mitt, John and Fred. I don't think any of those guys are well suited for a victory in November of 2008. None of them will get to the White House.

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McCain Changes Course on Immigration -- GOPUSA McCain Changes Course on Immigration
Associated Press
August 3, 2007

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Thursday backed a scaled-down proposal that imposes strict rules to end illegal immigration but doesn't include a path to citizenship.

The move away from a comprehensive measure is an about-face for the Arizona senator, who had been a leading GOP champion of a bill that included a guest worker program and would have legalized many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. It failed earlier this year.