Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pittsburgh airport expands enclave for private jets

Luke might be able to hang out at this hangar to collect his autographs.
Pittsburgh airport expands enclave for private jets There aren't many places in Western Pennsylvania that can boast about playing host to Tiger Woods, Ben Roethlisberger, Sidney Crosby, Al Gore and a host of other athletes, politicians and celebrities. Atlantic Aviation Service's Business Aviation Center at Pittsburgh International Airport is one of them. And the company is looking to add to its growing customer base. Atlantic Aviation Services, joined by local politicians and Allegheny County Airport Authority officials, opened a new 30,000-square-foot jet hangar and 7,250-square-foot charter terminal and office center at the airport yesterday.
I would be keen to expand these types of private services at the Allegheny County Airport, not the Greater Pittsburgh airport.

Of course FedEx and Bayer are going to be more interested in the western area runway. But the teams headed to and from Oakland and Mellon Arena could use the Allegheny County Airport.

Otherwise, I'm worried about the long-term health of the County Airport. How much does that cost a year to operate?

Furthermore, what about that airport under construction in the near north, up by Deer Lakes and Fox Chapel? What has become of that pork spending?

I'd love to see an audit of all our airports.

If the private jets that fly into the airport are a key to the region's economic development efforts, we are in sad, sad shape. Let's subsidize the corporations that need a place to house their jets. Let's give them easy access to their private planes.

Dan Onorato says "you NEED these types of facilities." Rather, he means, he needs to get these types of facilities so he can take care of his campaign donors.

The key to remaining competitive isn't found in high flying CEOs who are paid hundreds more than the average worker in the company. That's bunk.

Here we go, again, bending over backwards to service those who come into town for the US Open and the All-Star Game. Rather, I'd love to have services for those that live here. I'd rather devote attention to our kids that grow up here. I'd rather make sure our parks are open, clean, safe, -- and with coaches and equipment.

What we need -- NEED -- are flights abroad. We need to get to Europe. How about flights to London, Germany, Central/South America, and more locations in Canada.

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