Friday, August 03, 2007

Provided an interview today to WDUQ

The news reporters at WDUQ called and I gave them a phone interview about our races for public office. Some of my statements follow:

I am a placeholder.

We crossed an important hurdle in getting on the ballot this week.

The race for mayor will not be a two way race.

We will continue to use the internet to our advantage. We use the internet now and post thoughts there daily. We can be open with our issues and build trust and respect, as I've been doing for the past years.

We will get out into the community to meet and greet and speak at any community meeting that will invite us.

Our efforts to get onto the ballot for some of the county races such as County Executive, Treasurer, District Attorney, Sheriff and county council at large were set aside in the spring when the we, Libertarians, didn't muster enough candidates nor supporters to gather the thousands of necessary signatures from throughout the county to get onto the ballot.

In the race for city council district 3 I bring new dimensions to city council. They need to hear a libertarian approach at the table in our discussions in city hall. All the members of city council are Democrats. Putting one member onto council from another party is going to be healthy. Furthermore, I have experiences and perspectives as a swim coach. I want to work to overhaul and support the Citiparks programs. I care about the youngsters and our parks. Those on Grant Street, even those with the county parks and rec department, make the issues with our youth a low priority. Not me.

When we hear talk about parks locally it has been about the killing of geese. We can do better than that. It is no wonder we have a brain and talent drain. We need to challenge our youth. Then we'll have more young people who choose to stay in the region.

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