Friday, August 10, 2007

Ravenstahl Could Lock Up Potential "Interesting" Race With Strong Post-Flood Showing

Let’s be honest. Interim Mayor Luke Ravenstahl doesn’t have much to worry about when it comes to the November election. Mark DeSantis, the Republican who should have a decent showing if he had any kind of money, is really the Republican’s best chance in years (by the way, it doesn’t matter if the Socialist gets on any TV debates, I have more of a chance than winning than he does, and I’m not on the ballot).

DeSantis’ only hope for a respectable showing now rests on how the Interim Mayor responds to the flooding and weather situation (which may or may not include a tornado in downtown Pittsburgh).

So far, Ravenstahl has looked good and done what he needs to do. There was a significant population in the community that was put off by his sometimes childish antics. Everyone knows the story about him golfing in a celebrity tournament when a controversial action was taking place downtown. There was the attempt to get in Tiger Woods’ face during the U.S. Open that was taking place in suburban Pittsburgh, presumably for a picture to put on his office wall, or perhaps a billboard.

Ravenstahl says he declared a state of an emergency for the city. County Executive Dan Onorato did the same for the county. There’s damage to the Carnegie Science Center and a building the Uptown community. Specifically a minority-run barbershop partially collapsed.

Now if Luke can put on a good “leadership” face and make people believe he’s more than a political puppet, albeit a very young and conceivably an immature one at that, this could be a landslide victory of "mandate" proportions.

This election will have more to say about our next 12-20 years in this city than any since I’ve lived here (I still am convenienced that if Luke wins, it's his until he decides to give it up). You can line up all the Costas, Wagners and Murphys you want; if Luke looks good after the flood, he's in until the Pirates are competitive again.

Thankfully, our last "made" Mayor Tom Murphy is gone and disappeared into the vapors. Who even knows if he lives here anymore, there’s never any word on the street about the former “leader?”

Here comes the rain again. It most assuredly could wash away any hopes of an interesting mayoral race.


Anonymous said...

He did declare a state of emergency. However, he apparently felt like it was more important to watch the Steelers practice than actually deal with the weather disaster in his city. I'm not sure when he actually does go to work. He is too busy jock sniffing to be bothered with real problems.

Matt H said...

Your comment is 100% wrong.

He did all that he could during the storm. Extended hours of the 311 service, had Public Works crews ready to clean up...your wrong dude.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I have to agree with Matt H. Even if he was at Steelers camp (on the South Side that day), certainly he was in constant communication with people.

What is he supposed to do, pick up a shovel? Mark DeSantis could have been Uptown picking up bricks.

Luke was on the radio at 7 a.m. this morning going over the entire situation with Larry Reichert on KDKA Radio. Assuredly he was up late making decisions, perhaps from his couch, but only those who don't know the job think he would only be at his Grant Street desk at midnight.

Plus, any anonymous ham-and-egger can throw stones.

BTW, I'm STILL voting for DeSantis regardless.

Anonymous said...

Tom, for once you got it right...get it..anyway..yes, vote for DeSantis. It is the best choice in years for years that can be made for Pittsburgh and the region.

Char said...

Unfortunately, all of you are right.

Matt H is correct about Luke doing all he could. Luke has even cancelled is Chicago "Meet our Mayor" golf contest so that he will "appear" like a serious mayor also.

Just because he can do one or two or even five things right doesn't mean its going to be anything other than disaster WHEN he gets elected. But many voters have gnat-sized memories and they'll pull the lever based upon what happened 5 min before they entered. If Luke is lucky enough to have another flood-like photo op right before the election ... his landslide victory will put new meaning to the word "landslide" ... even here in Steely McBeam country.

And yes, when Luke wins in November, he's likely to be mayor when my great-grandkids are still complaining about the potholes in front of their homes. Mark R is certainly right about that assessment.

But I'm still going to vote for DeSantis just like Leturgey plans on doing. And then go back to praying and chanting for the only Act of God that can save us from ourselves: Bankruptcy

Lord Almighty .... what's gotten in to me this morning?! My mean, nasty, disagreeable self is agreeing with positively everyone! Regarding Pittsburgh and bankrupcty, I'm even feeling a good vibe about a Bush sentiment: Lets "Bring it on" and just be done with it.

Anonymous said...

The Ravenstahl appearance at the Steeler southside facility is interesting. Not because it matters but because if it had been a Republican Mayor you can bet Burns, Ftizgerald and Motzik would never let us hear the end on it. Which is as it should be. But since no leading Democrat in this area is going to say anything about the Mayor and his whereabouts, and if a Republican does they will be skewered, that is the underlining problem. Mayor Ravenstahl can drive this City and region into chaos without a peep coming from the Democrats. He faces no criticism. So why should he care if either he watches the Steelers practice or watches the City's bond rating sink. Which is all the more reason for a Republican Mayor. Simply because a Republican Mayor could neither watch a Steeler practice nor let the City's bond rating sink without some opposition leader saying something. And that leads to a healthy region. So let the Mayor off the hook. As Cool Hand Luke said to Dragline, "Yah the man needs all the help he can get."

Thomas Leturgey said...

Well, fact of the matter is, I am almost always right...and even correct a good part of the time, and I have the conviction to post my name to a blog. So there you anonymous, spineless twits.

Yes, the Dems would go beserk if DeSantis did ANYTHING other than sit at his desk 24/7!

Anonymous said...

Just a sidebar, why post anonymous? Because there are people on blogs, perhaps some named Thomas, who may have anger issues. The message is what you are supposed to be responding to.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Don't think I "get" the last comment. If someone is so filled with hate (mostly coddled and entitled liberals...just ask try and disagree with any Dave Matthews Band fan...Hitler was a lover of all people in comparison...but I digress), they should stay at home and wait in front of the TV for their hero Rosie O'Donnell to return.

Anonymous said...

Yes Thomas, you are the reason people post anonymous. You make assumptions, Rosie O'Donell?, and have anger issues. Wonder what happen if you knew where I lived. Win the argument with your mind and your logic.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I already have. You're the stalker, not me.

Assumptions make an ass out of you, not me.

Dazzle me with intellect. Ooops, sorry, no one who posts anonymous has any. My bad.

Thomas Leturgey said...

Oh btw, I won't be responding to anonymous critics any more. I've wasted too much of my time and brain cells dealing with the great unwashed of basement manifestos.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for keeping the blog alive while we went to Ohio for 3+ days for the West Virginia State Swimming Championships. Yep, no typo. Yep, no email either.

Had a great time.

What else did I miss???