Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ravenstahl makes his own case for being clueless

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Luke on Luke --- "Look at me. No hands. No clue either!"
Ravenstahl makes cameo in new Esquire - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review The magazine ran a quote from each mayor with his photo. Ravenstahl told the magazine the 'best perk' of being mayor: 'I don't have the political relationships yet, so I think that's an advantage. But because things move so quickly, I haven't had the chance to sit down and digest it. To this day, quite honestly, it hasn't hit me -- the opportunity I have.'
Digest it. Barf!

Chew your food. Take your time. Don't eat on the run.

Luke, you need to speak about the duty you have, not the opportunity. Luke, you need to talk of the service you hope to fill, not the perks that float your way. Luke, you need to dodge the hits you inflict on yourself because of the running around in circles. Get a grip. Be hit. Hit back. Stand your ground. Be aware.

Talk of the responsibility, the stewardship, the management efforts.

Luke, it is NOT so important that you tell "Pittsburgh's story" to mayors from around the nation. Those folks are NOT going to move here. What is important in telling that story -- except for you as the teller.

I'm not here to be a slave of history -- or even H I S -- S T O R Y. Pittsburgh's story is something that is unfolding. Let's make history. Let's craft a better story.

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