Friday, August 03, 2007

Today is the day of the Ron Paul rally and speech

Tom, the main local meet-up organizer posted:
Good Morning Everyone,

Today is finally the day. I know we have all been waiting for this for a long time, and everyone is excited. I certainly am, also.

Events will certainly outpace our planning, but here is a list in brief of what is happening today. Things will start happening around 4 pm.

Dan Chujko is coordinating a food drop that is a great opportunity to help some less fortunate people out and the pickup will probably be around 5 pm. Connie will be helping as well.

I expect people from other cities to begin arriving around 4 pm, as well, so I will make certain I am up there by that time to help see they get where they need to be.

Expect a number of supporters to roll into town and it would not surprise me in the least if the parking lot becomes a little bazaar. We have some special shirts that we will be selling for the event to raise money directly for national, as our way of saying thank you.

The event itself will start at 8 pm. If you want a seat, you might want to be there by 7. It is free, as you probably know, and Dr. Paul will be giving a speech. Make yourself known. I want to hear applause and see a lively crowd. Also, talk to the people sitting next to you. It's a great chance to begin getting new people to support Dr. Paul who might be on the fence.

We will be broadcast over the net by at least two different supporter groups. So, those of you who were worried about that, please don't. You may want to bring digital cameras or the like.

At the after party, it has been confirmed that Dr. Paul, his family, and his campaign staff will visit. The location is at Hereford and Hops, 1740 Rte. 228, Cranberry, 16066. It's easy to find.

Have fun, enjoy the other supporters, be responsible, and this will be a great evening.

If you need anything today, both myself and the assistant organizers will be able to help you. My number is 412-977-7798, and though I'll be more than a little busy, never too busy to help.

Today is for all of you. Enjoy it. :)

Yours, Tom

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