Friday, February 01, 2008

Gov Workers Devote Time to Wikipedia

Team 4: See How Govt. Employees Waste Time On Web - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh: "Now there's a way to see who's making those edits, and Team 4 found thousands of edits done by government employees on government time using government computers. And few of those edits have anything to do with government business.
They might look like busy bureaucrats, but some of them have been obsessing over Ben Roethlisberger, Beyonce and James Bond. Those names are among the hundreds of Wikipedia pages Team 4 found to be favorites of local, state and federal government employees.
I run a wiki. I have not been updating it as much as I should. Perhaps I could contract with the government workers to keep the content more up to date.

On the other hand - who in this story has too much time on their hands?

Lurch, the character in the TV show, The Munsters, may NOT play the harp. But, the real point is who cares? This is NOT newsworthy. The media professionals are worried about wiki edits and making them newsworthy.

The day that wiki edits are newsworthy -- then we should all celebrate because there wasn't an ice storm, schools operated so well that everyone was educated and the rest of our political troubles have been eliminated.

Get back to work government workers. And, most of all, we need journalist who are real watchdogs. The Paul Van Osdol's of the world at WTAE Challen 4 Action News needs to become more clever with understanding what's what. His nose for news needs an overhaul.

It seems to me that there is shit all around the region -- and -- we've got the mainstream media looking for, counting and slaving on a few of the most meaningless pimples on the butt of life.

By the way, does Dr. Cyril Wecht need anything, such as a lift to the airport or else his wikipedia page updated?

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