Friday, July 15, 2005

The Big Green Bus from Dartmouth rolls in to play an game of ultimate

There was a time when Mayor Tom Murphy cut a deal with the Ultimate Frisbee young professionals. Murphy promised to build them new frisbee fields in Highland Park.

That was another empty promise the second it was made. I knew it -- and told folks about that in no uncertain terms. Furthermore, Murphy wasn't going to allow the Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network volunteers work to install mini-computer labs within the Rec Centers. Then a few months later the Rec Centers would be closing -- in the scare move by Murphy to claim how distressed everything was -- mostly by Murphy's own making.

Well, to this day, I feel sorry that I had to much such a stand upon the cause of the rookie ultimate frisbee folks. They were getting suckered, Murphy style, and I wasn't okay with them being taken for such a ride.

I'll do my best to attend this event. Sounds like fun. I'll even wear my tye-dye t-shirt, man.

Big Green Bus at Frisbee Fuel Fest

Tuesday, July 26th
4:00 PM until dusk
McKinney Field in North Park

Fifteen Dartmouth College students conceived of The Big Green Bus as an effort to spread information about alternative fuels and social responsibility by networking through their favorite sport.

Dartmouth will first square off against a Best of Pittsburgh's Youth squad, comprised of students from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University, as well as the best juniors from the Pittsburgh High School Ultimate League. Later, the finest athletes from Pittsburgh's 24-team recreational summer league will challenge the Big Green Bus with an All-Star squad, whose players will range in age from 15 to 45.

In between games, Dartmouth will make presentations and answer questions about their other passion: alternative fuel. While the world's increasing dependence on fossil fuel consumption will necessitate change for all of us, the Big Green Bus demonstrates that there are alternatives available right now.

For more information call 412-628-0882 /

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Bram said...

It'll be nice to see you there, Mark. In general we bear no particular ill will toward Mayor Murphy, seeing as how so many projects got the ax at the same time. But you bring up interesting points.