Friday, July 29, 2005

Lump Camp meets Swim Taper -- Championships today.

Yesterday was our greatest day ever for lump camp. We did nothing and are so proud of our accomplishments.

The day started early as I helped my wife get into a taxi for the airport. She is now in Colorado. This trip is special for her as it is the first time she is speaking to a professional organization and giving the "keynote address." She is a presenter at many events, worldwide. But her main mission is to give 'tutorials.' So, this opportunity has a different twist. She'll also be giving a tutorial on another day.

The night before, we got her lap top set up with some music for the presentation. She'll be playing a country western song that deals with the kids being little for just a while. She helped to write the standard for babies and kids -- and their ears are little, but just for a while. I'm sure she'll provide a great and inspired talk and with iTunes, a slice of music as well.

At home, our first duty is to "hold thumbs" that everything goes well for her in Colorado. To hold thumbs is sorta like crossing our fingers. The tradition of holding thumbs comes from M, of South Africa and Northwestern.

Our second activity at home for this ultimate lump camp was play computer games. Grant's is loaded with Star Wars and I'm getting quite good. He and I often play together. Not multi-player, rather he or I will do the shooting while the other moves the character around the battle. Our sidestepping coordination is now perfected. Erik played an entire Madden NFL season, going with only 3 defeats, winning the Super Bowl, and getting to half-time in the Pro-Bowl. He plays at the New England Patriots. I don't know if that is a political statement or his hard-headed individualist notion of not cheering for the same team that everyone does.

Breakfast and lunch is on your own, fully. We do practice violin.

We had a bit of park time in the afternoon for some catch, but we didn't overdue it. We took a walk to get subs and gyros for dinner! On the way was the TV interview with KDKA.

We also took a walk to the riverfront for sunset. Saw ducks, baby ducks, geese and rats.

In our walk, I got to explain to them about a "swimmers' taper." I love great tapers. As a coach, our team always does very, very well at the championship meets. This season's taper got bumped with church camp last week as we didn't get in any swimming. Paddling, caving and a fun were replacements. That was good enough for this summer's season, but it won't work in the future. We didn't even go to evening swim practice. But we sayed up past 11 pm.

Another motivation to dink around with a few more games of Star Wars on the computer is to get their personal clocks shifted to west coast time. We'll be headed to California soon and will want to be in the groove when we get there.

There won't be many more days like this in our lifetimes. Go Green Tree Great White Sharks.

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