Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Email blast: Come out to race with me - or worship instead

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

I hope your summer is going as well as ours. I'm still blogging. http://Rauterkus.blogspot.com

Since I've not sent much email since the election, let me say thanks again to all who have helped, voted, or just watched and tolerated -- in any way. Your listening, awareness and occasional critical remarks are huge helping acts from my perspective.

Our 2005 race for PA Senate is behind us. Next up, another type of race, the Pittsburgh Triathlon. http://www.PittsburghTriathlon.com. See my blog to order fan club and running mate t-shirts. =;0

After surviving both the senate race and a swim-bike-run, we'll strongly consider a race for the open seat in my district for Pittsburgh City Council.

If the triathlon isn't your cup of tea, the other Sunday invite is to a more spiritual pursuit. Consider a concert / service from our friend, Mindy Simmons, at First Unitarian in Shadyside on Morewood at 10 am. http://www.first-unitarian-pgh.org/

Mindy provides the splendid song, "One World" for our community and campaign CDs. She is a gem with voice and guitar. Cost is $0.

Shifting gears, here are some ideas I've been spreading around for Pittsburgh's sake.

++ Sell Pittsburgh's new, Convention Center to the pending casino operator as part of the deal. Put the casino within the Convention Center. The Convention Center is a white elephant and is a drain on taxpayers. The casino operators can better deal with market conditions -- not the Stadium and Exhibition Authority. This solution gets income more quickly and with multiple sources (gambling windfall + building's

++ Extend the URA's sale of its excessive land parcels within neighborhoods by allowing not only the "adjacent property owners," but also the "near by property owners" to take ownership from the city / public authority. Vacant lots sell for $500, minimum, but just to the willing who are adjacent. The URA owns more than 10,000 lots and parcels throughout the city. The URA inventory of land -- still in
limbo -- is still absent.

++ In 2001, as a candidate for Mayor, I called for the end of all Eminent Domain -- as a bold, strong, local measure. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, more are tuned into the trend and issue. When property can be taken, investments are sure to occur elsewhere. Beyond the struggle for "rights," their saga leads to dropping property values. That cycle generates storms for cities and individuals in many ways. The call to "end eminent domain" has become more "mainstream" and "urgent."

++ As a recent Libertarian candidate for PA Senate, let me assure you, I'm NOT getting any $10,000+ pay raise -- like both of my opponents. Shamefully, NEITHER raised a negative peep nor objection while on the legislative floor in Harrisburg. I'm not so tight lipped. Being "prudent" I would have never gone for the pay raise. Being "open" and "outspoken" I would have sounded alarms and raised my voice in loud

++ Allow Kennywood a "free ride" on the collection of the one-percent RAD tax. Kenneywood's gate helps subsidize its competitors. Furthermore, let's "think again" on the entire RAD tax plan.

== Mini recap of my ballot participation in the May 17, 2005, special election includes: ==

I was out-spent 250-to-one by the Republican candidate but out-voted by a five-to-one ratio.

In the 250-polling places, 249 scored votes for me.

I did equally well in the city and the suburbs.

My Democratic opponent generated nearly 20,000 votes from a base of more than 90,000 registered Democrats registered and within the 42nd district. That means that each Dem netted about 1/5th of a vote for Fontana. Meanwhile, my 2,542 total votes flowed from a base of just 250 registered Libertarians in the district. I'm proud to say each Libertarian generated TEN votes for the Libertarian while each Democrat delivered one-fifth of a vote for the Democrat.

My cost per vote was $1.30. Meanwhile, my Dem and Republican opponents spent nearly $2-million for 33,187 total votes giving them an AVERAGE cost per vote at $60. Diven's performance was worse!)

Athe ballot box just two blocks from my front door, in our three-way race, I got 23% of the vote.

Thanks again for everything. I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Some notes -- via email -- reposted here:

I am not available this Sunday but I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanx for keeping me in the loop!

Anonymous said...

Great email Mark, never lose your spirit and love for the people and the country. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

love your e-mails

I am proud of your ambition and drive. I am glad to get your e-mails. Keep up the good work!