Friday, July 15, 2005

I read with interest the numbers you provided ... Q&A with Mary about going to the "D" side.

Mary wrote an email to me saying:
I read with interest the numbers you provided in your most recent mail and checked the PG results the day after the election to see how you did in my voting precinct.

I wondered if you might ever consider reregistering for the next run at office as a Democrat?

How many voters can really define "Libertarian"?

I know you are right to be encouraged at the numbers, but many people tend to do little research, and I feel you would optimize your chances if you would consider the idea. I realize it is easy for some of us to disdain participating in "the machine", but things change so slowly locally that I really think it is something you should discuss with your advisors.
Good points.

Others have suggested I move to the "D" side to win the race.

However, I won't do that for now. I'm not interested in being in the same party that has, in the city at least, driven us so far down. I can't be in Tom Murphy's party. He is the #1 Dem in Pittsburgh. That is not my cup of tea. And, I'm not too excited about Bob O'C either. Those Dems need viable challengers.

So, I'll stay as either a Libertarian or Indie. But, being an Indie in the 3rd race would be a third party for me. So, I bet I stay as Libertarian.

The next email she wrote to say:
Okay, Mark. It is just hard for some to keep waiting. I am just concerned that in this city your chances of gaining office as a Libertarian are miniscule. I find things to be so upside down when someone like Tom Flaherty, with no courtroom experience, can win nomination as a judge. He was Dem party leader. He is highly visible as city controller. I do respect your conviction.
My reply:

I think my chances are okay. Not great, but okay.

And, if I would win -- it would be a major, major victory and celebration. So, let's shoot for the stars. Then, getting things done in office will be much easier. A sweet victory in the election will set the stage for some serious actions once in office. That's what we need -- breaking of the status quo.And, we need to go in the right (prudent, democratic, grassroots, more liberty-like) directions.

Thanks for asking.

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