Thursday, July 28, 2005

League of Pissed Off Voters:hosts a Smackdown 2005 in Pittsburgh

For what its worth... and I'm not sure what that is or isn't. This isn't my cup of tea. The indy part is more of a GREEN, LEFTIE, all DEM thing mostly. The smack down was mainly an anti-Bush thing as well, I think. But, it is local. The national organization might be as big as western PA and eastern Ohio. ???
League of Pissed Off Voters:�Smackdown 2005 Input: "SMACKDOWN 2005 Application

SMACKDOWN 2005 is a national conference for League organizers and trainers and our allies. The weekend will offer performances, inspiring speakers, beginning, intermediate and advanced level trainings in voter organizing, as well as time to scheme, strategize and build with some of the dopest young organizers del mundo. It will take place from August 4 - 7 on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. Hotel accommodations will be provided for all participants. Everyone who wants to participate in the conference needs to fill out the application form below. The application deadline is July 14, 2005.

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